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Heavy-duty ANKA Hose Nozzles are ideal for agricultural, horticultural, irrigation purposes. They are great for cleaning cattle, watering crops, and wash downs of heavy machinery, trucks, and other equipment.

ANKA Fittings provide a leak-free connection between  polyethylene pipes, tubes, and hoses of various sizes. They are made with high-grade fiberglass-reinforced nylon, so they are strong and lightweight.

ANKA and APEX Float Valves are designed to control water levels in water tanks, reservoirs, and troughs. These durable valves are built to last, even in high-demand troughs. 

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Rural Water Direct is your online source for durable farm irrigation equipment and agricultural plumbing supplies. Say goodbye to flimsy hose nozzles and clogged float valves, and hello to higher productivity! Find only the most durable nozzles, valves, and fittings at Rural Water Direct.

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ANKA pipe fittings, check valves, and washdown hose nozzles are reliable and built to last through rigorous agricultural and horticultural uses. These products are manufactured in New Zeland and were designed by farmers, for farmers. 

APEX tank valves, trough valves, and plumbing control valves are built for the agricultural industry and rainwater harvesting. Made in New Zealand, APEX valves are highly durable and easy to adjust and maintain.

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Irrigation Check Valves, Foot Valves, Hose Nozzles, and Trigger Guns for Farmers

Hose Nozzles for Dairy, Farm, Agriculture, Truck, and Equipment

Trigger Guns for Washdowns, Home and Garden Applications

Heavy-Duty Check Valves for Industrial and Commercial Dairy Production

Foot Valves for Irrigation, Horticulture, and Hydroponic Applications