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One-Way Water Check Valves

Rural Water Direct provides the high-quality products needed on farms for a wide variety of applications. These include our selection of agricultural and irrigation check valves. Also referred to as one-way water check valves, reflux valves, and retention valves, these valves are designed to prohibit the travel of water against the desired flow. This ensures that contaminated water does not return to the water source itself. One-way water check valves also protect your pump by avoiding back flow that can damage internals and prevent it from losing its prime. This is also true for our sprinkler double check valves.

ANKA check valves and sprinkler double check valves are made from high-grade glass-fiber-reinforced nylon for maximum durability. They're spring-loaded, can be installed at any angle, and are guaranteed to prevent backflow of fluids while maintaining prime in the line. These agricultural and irrigation check valves are typically associated with the pumping of water from a well or other water source for the watering of crops and more.

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