Have you prepared your irrigation, pond, and pool system’s plumbing for colder weather? Here’s what you should do with your foot valves in the winter. Additionally, read on to learn more about the purpose of these valves and what to do if you discover damage.

What Are Foot Valves?

Whether it’s for an irrigation system, backyard pond, or personal pool, keeping your pump and piping systems primed is the number one priority. To stay primed, pumps and piping require water at all times; without it, these devices and their components tend to burn out, lose efficiency, and, ultimately, malfunction. Foot valves sit on the end of a pump and stop the flow of water when the system is dormant. Furthermore, foot valves help filter out large debris that may enter your system. When winter rolls around, it’s essential that you remove all the water from your pipes and safeguard your foot valves in preparation for the next season.

Winterizing Your Foot Valves

Now that you understand the functions of foot valves, we can dive into the winterizing process for these components. Luckily, there isn’t too much labor required of you to successfully prepare your irrigation, pond, or pool pump for colder weather. First, drain the pump (and gravity or pressure tank, if applicable) completely; depending on the type of your pump, you may need to fill the case with propylene glycol (antifreeze) for further frost protection. Then, simply remove the foot valves and store them in a secure, indoor location. Place protective wrappings over your valves to reduce the likelihood of degradation.

Tip: Address Signs of Damage Immediately

Here’s a pro tip you should always use when winterizing your irrigation or water feature system—if you notice any signs of damaged or malfunctioning equipment, find a solution as soon as possible. Receiving immediate repair and maintenance services mitigates the impact of the problem and prevents it from exasperating over the winter season. Consult a professional plumbing business for more help in addressing damage to your valves and other irrigation equipment.

Follow this guide so you know what you should do with your foot valves in the winter. If you’re experiencing trouble with your pumps and plumbing equipment, or simply require replacement parts, check out our selection at Rural Water today! We carry a quality selection of irrigation pump foot valve parts and related products.