Foot valves are vital pieces of equipment. Why? It’s because they ensure that your ponds, pools, and irrigation pipelines’ water supplies sustain a steady flow. Plus, they keep dirt and debris out of your supply while preventing backflow. In short, foot valves are crucial. But just like every other essential piece of equipment, regular usage can start to leave them dirty, clogged, and worn out.

You can lessen these things’ impact if you regularly clean your foot valve. But how often should you clean your foot valves? And what are the benefits of regularly scheduled cleanings? Uncover the answers to these questions and more in our brief guide.

Consider Level of Regular Wear

You can find foot valves pretty much anywhere there’s a water pump. They’re common fixtures in pools, ponds, irrigation pipelines, and more. As a result, foot valves are in numerous environments, and each of these places has its own effect on the valves.

So the first step in figuring out how often you need to clean your foot valve is to understand how much wear and tear it endures. Perhaps your foot valve connects to a commercial property, home, or a large irrigation pipeline. If so, you may want to schedule cleanings regularly, depending on how hard it has to work to keep your systems clean.

On the other hand, you may use your water pump foot valve to maintain a pool that remains covered for half the year. In this case, you likely wouldn’t need to clean it as often. Still, scheduling a few monthly cleanings for regular maintenance is wise.

Foot Valve Maintenance Tips

Cleaning your foot valves is only part of the equation. To know when cleanings are necessary, you must also ensure you schedule time for regular pump maintenance tasks.

You should leave any heavy-duty work on your foot valves to the professionals. But in general, the following maintenance tips can help determine if it might be time to clean or otherwise have your valve examined and possibly replaced or repaired:

  • Inspecting filters for debris and clogs 
  • Examining foot valves for signs of corrosion
  • Checking that the rest of your water system is clean

Investigating these things further will give you a clear idea of whether or not your foot valve is due for a cleaning. Plus, regular maintenance will ensure that your foot valve remains clean and fully intact for longer.

The Benefits of Regular Cleanings

Like every other vital piece of equipment we use, foot valves have an important role in making our lives easier and more convenient. They ensure our water systems remain clean and free of debris and harmful contaminants.

For this reason, you must maintain them properly. More than that, cleaning your foot valves as often as necessary is beneficial. Doing so ensures you get the absolute longest lifespan out of your foot valves, keeping their high-performance quality intact for years to come.