Irrigation equipment—especially newer products and devices—is quite reliable and durable. However, nothing is safe from Mother Nature. Read on to learn how cold weather can affect your hose nozzles.

Common Cold Weather Effects

For permanent outdoor hoses and hose nozzles, the most common cold weather impact is cracking. This problem usually affects the body of your hose, but severe winter conditions can cause significant damage to your hose nozzle. Cracking occurs when sitting water inside your hose or nozzle freezes and expands. In some rare instances, this frost expansion can dangerously increase pressure inside your entire irrigation system.

Performance issues are another concern for outdoor hoses and nozzles during the winter. Mainly, the freezing temperatures make the materials of the hose body and the mechanics inside the nozzle more rigid and less efficient.

Winterizing Your Hose

Luckily, these negative effects of cold weather are avoidable. It’s essential that you store your irrigation equipment in a sheltered and dry location, such as a garage or equipment shed. You must also completely empty the hose and nozzle of water before hanging it inside, as this prevents mold growth, rusting, and, most importantly, internal freezing. For additional protection and to better avoid potential damage, consider removing your nozzle from the hose itself and storing it in a cabinet.

Repairs and Replacements

When winterizing your washdown hose nozzle, you may notice general wear and tear, damage, and other various complications with your irrigation system. It’s crucial to address these problems immediately to mitigate the effects they might otherwise have on your equipment. Damaged hose nozzles, specifically, are often hard to repair, so we highly recommend purchasing a newer, more functional model. For issues related to your irrigation system, reach out to a professional plumbing contractor or business for additional support.

Understanding how cold weather can affect your hose nozzles ensures that you take the proper steps to winterize and protect your irrigation equipment. For replacement parts and products, check out our selection of hose nozzles here at Rural Water Direct.