A foot valve is a specialized pump/pipe-line attachment that operates similarly to a ball check valve. The key difference between these two is that foot valves feature an open end and shield to eliminate debris. Additionally, foot valve openings are larger than pipes to reduce head loss.

They mainly attach to pumps for pools and ponds. However, these valves are quite applicable with any pump or setup! Ultimately, a foot valve helps prime water by allowing liquid to flow only inward. Read on to learn about the ways that foot valves help you save money.

Preventing Burnout

Pumps are prone to burning out, which basically means they stop functioning properly or altogether. There are a few causes for premature pump burnouts, including poor installation and improper maintenance and care. Frequently turning pumps on and off also wear them down.

But one of the most common reasons for pump burnout is backflow. This is when water constantly flows through a pump, regardless of whether it’s on. The best way to keep a pump primed and in good condition is by installing a quality water pump foot valve. This way, you won’t waste money on repeated repairs or costly replacement services.

Providing Ideal Priming Conditions

We’ve mentioned priming a few times already, but what does that term really mean in relation to pumps and foot valves? Basically, priming refers to the preparation of a device before operation. Pumps are complex devices that require specific conditions before you can turn them on. For instance, a pump typically needs water inside the equipment before operation.

Backflow eliminates this water supply and provides subpar conditions for operation. Again, this leads to premature pump burnout. The simplest method for priming a pump is to use a valve, especially a foot valve.

Preventing Irrigation Complications

Backflow and backflow spillage can damage your crops and cause massive complications for your irrigation practices and systems. Watering produce is a very particular, delicate process that requires specific water conditions.

When contaminated water backflows onto your land, this can negatively impact the health and growth of plants and seeds. Backflow prevention is extremely important for agriculture or even just backyard gardening. Installing a foot valve can better protect your irrigation system and crops overall.

As you can see, there are many ways that foot valves save you money on irrigation and pump replacements and repairs. If you need these backflow prevention items, then you should consider our quality selection here at Rural Water Direct.