Different Types of Irrigation Systems for Agriculture

Some farmers are stuck in their old ways. They refuse to use innovative technology, choosing to rely solely on rainwater to nourish their crops. However, planters embracing modern times use different types of irrigation systems for agriculture. This guide will dive into these systems and expand on the benefits. This is important to know with spring right around the corner.

Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation systems are incredibly localized. Here, cultivators deliver drops to the root of the plants. Using this method, people can control how much water they distribute to each crop. Relying on rainwater makes farmers susceptible to the elements—they cannot determine how much water each plant receives. Moreover, drip irrigation systems limit evaporation and runoff.

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

Most of us are familiar with sprinkler irrigation systems. Water spurts out from a centralized area and sprays across the land. People can put sprinklers on a timed schedule to determine when they water the crops. Another benefit of this irrigation system is that sprinklers can work on a swivel. This movement ensures that all the land evenly receives water.

Center Pivot Irrigation Systems

Center pivot irrigation systems are common for water flatlands across the United States. This system distributes water through a set of sprinklers placed on wheels. The mechanisms roll through the land, spraying plants with water as they move. Center pivot irrigation systems are expensive but worth the investment.

It’s important to know the different types of irrigation systems for agriculture. There’s a chance that people made need parts replaced if they choose to use any of the above systems. Farmers should rest assured that Rural Water Direct has the components they need. For example, we have one-way water check valves that prevent contamination from entering the supply. These parts are incredibly durable, and farmers can install them from any angle. Ranchers should shop our collection today.