Commercial vs. Residential Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems are a must-have structure, whether for a house or office. These watering mechanisms keep plants and greenery fresh all season long. It’s important to note key differences between commercial and residential irrigation systems. Knowing about these dissimilarities will help you decide which is right for you.

Commercial Irrigation Systems

Commercial irrigation systems are meant for larger buildings like apartment complexes, schools, and offices. Since these systems are larger, they require a few more components than residential mechanisms. For example, you’re more likely to need a backflow preventer in a commercial setting. Backflow preventers stop contaminants from getting into a public water supply. Fire protection systems commonly use commercial irrigation systems; that’s why they’re in commercial buildings.

Benefits of Commercial Systems

There are many advantages to installing a commercial irrigation mechanism. Its easy programming is a favorable aspect. You can set the sprinkler system to turn on and off by itself. This is beneficial for weekends and holidays when no one’s around—the sprinklers will operate themselves.

Residential Irrigation Systems

Now it’s time to discuss commercial’s counterpart, residential systems. The most glaring difference between the two mechanisms is size. Residential irrigation systems are suitable for smaller lots and homeowners who want to keep their lawns fresh. Unlike commercial options, residential systems can operate by hand. You can add automated timers if you wish, but that comes at an additional cost.

Benefits of Residential Systems

Residential systems use far less water than their commercial counterparts. Lower water usage will lead to a decreased water bill. Residential systems also have fewer components—you’re less likely to need a backflow preventer in your house. People also prefer residential systems because they’re easier to install—fewer components means less time wasted setting up.

Everyone should know the difference between commercial and residential irrigation systems. The last thing you want is to buy a large mechanism that’s too much for a small lot. So, follow this advice while shopping and don’t forget to work with a reputable dealer. Rural Water Direct offers top-notch agricultural plumbing supplies and other things necessary to install an irrigation system.