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Rural Water Direct products are designed by farmers for farmers.

Dairy farmers milk their cows at least twice a day, every day, all year— which takes lots of hours and work! Between milking, feeding, and cleaning waste, they’re too busy to worry over tools that don’t last.

The Watts ANKA® Series of valves and nozzles are built to stand up to heavy-duty use and the most rugged outdoor environments. Made with fiberglass-reinforced nylon. When you drop a trigger gun or hose nozzle, you can pick it up and get right back to work. They are also UV resistant and without metal to prevent corrosion problems.

We offer trigger guns, hose nozzles, check valves, and foot valves. This selection is perfect for rural water supply systems.

Use our spring-loaded non-return check valves in a variety of cold-water applications to allow water to flow in one direction only. Use our spring-loaded non-return foot valves at the suction end of pump lines to prevent loss of water and pump prime. Our nozzles give you a reliable water stream to clean or spray around your home or farm.

Use Rural Water Direct products in rural water sources, agricultural, horticultural, irrigation, marine, domestic, or industrial applications.

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