ANKA Non-Return Valves

At Rural Water Direct, we carry products of the highest quality, such as our ANKA non-return valves, which have irrigation, agricultural, and horticultural applications. Non-return valves, commonly referred to as one-way valves, retention valves, or reflux valves, are valves designed to allow for the one-way passage of fluid through it. These valves will eject water returning in the opposite direction of its intended flow rather than let it return and contaminate the water source. These valves also protect your pump by avoiding back flow that can damage internals and prevent it from losing its prime.

Our durable, high-performance ANKA non-return valves serve this important function for those involved in horticulture, irrigation, agriculture, or all the above. Ensure your water sources are thoroughly protected against contamination with our heavy-duty check valves and foot valves from Rural Water Direct.

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