Foot Valves

Agricultural & Irrigation Foot Valves

Rural Water Direct supplies farmers with the durable agricultural and irrigation pump foot valves they need to ensure their water sources remain free from contamination. These one-way valves will spit out excess water that is trying to return against the intended direction of the water’s flow. We exclusively carry ANKA water pump foot valves for farmers that serve all your agricultural, horticultural, and irrigation needs.

ANKA water pump foot valves are made from high-grade glass-fiber-reinforced nylon for maximum durability. They're spring-loaded, can be installed at any angle, and come with a removable filter screen. Foot valves are used at the suction end of pump lines to prevent the loss of water and avoid the loss of the pump’s prime. Our horticultural, agricultural, and irrigation foot valves will help safeguard your water supply, regardless of your application.

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