Washdown Hose Nozzles &

Irrigation Sprinkler Nozzles

Rural Water Direct provides durable washdown hose nozzles and irrigation sprinkler nozzles with applications on dairy farms, for the cleaning of equipment, and other agricultural and horticultural uses. Our reliable and compact agricultural spray nozzles provide unparalleled performance and are comprised of fiberglass-reinforced nylon, making them perfectly suited to heavy-duty use.

Our ANKA washdown hose nozzles and irrigation sprinkler hoses allow you to easily blast away solids with powerful sprays of water. Each nozzle features a quick action on/off button and the washdown nozzles have an array of adjustable spray patterns available for different uses.

Whether you require convenient inline hose nozzles for irrigation or water purposes or need heavy-duty nozzles for the cleaning of trucks, equipment, and more, our high-quality ANKA agricultural spray nozzles can help.

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