What Is the Best Time for a Commercial Irrigation Inspection?

An irrigation system, much like any primarily mechanical system, requires regular inspections to ensure it works as designed and can dismiss worries about potential looming issues. With fall upon us, your irrigation system may be going through changes in workload from the dog days of summer. You may be wondering what the best time for a commercial irrigation inspection is. Read on to learn the answer.

How Often Inspections Are Necessary

Your irrigation system is essential to the functionality of your business. When something is that essential to the way your company runs, it’s vital to invest in its well-being. Inspections provide the benefit of identifying potential issues before they can increase in severity and help to increase the longevity of your system.

It is recommended to schedule a regular commercial irrigation inspection twice a year or every six months.

Best Times of the Year for Inspections

Knowing now that twice-yearly inspections are the baseline for a properly functioning and long-lasting commercial irrigation system, the next step is determining the two best times of year for these services.

Before Spring

Before you set up your irrigation system for the spring is an ideal time to consider scheduling an inspection. This ensures that your system runs properly before the busy season is in full swing.

It is always best to know about an issue before the spring rush so that you have time to fix it and your business will not face delays.

After Fall

The other recommended time for a commercial irrigation system inspection is in the fall after your busy season tends to slow down. Once your system is ready to shut down, it’s time to schedule another inspection. Getting an inspection right after the busiest season of the year helps minimize issues in the following spring when you prepare to start up again.

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