snow on field

Frigid winter conditions can take a toll on your plumbing, especially irrigation systems. To ensure this equipment survives months of freezing temperatures, you must conduct specific prep work. However, unless you’re a seasoned pro, winterizing your plumbing requires some background knowledge. Luckily, we at Rural Water Direct are here to help. Read on to learn the best tips for prepping your irrigation system for cold weather.


Shut Off and Insulate
Water that remains inside of pipes is likely to freeze and expand, causing significant damage to your irrigation system. As such, it’s essential that you shut off all water supply in anticipation of the cold weather by activating the main shut-off valve.

Once done, ensure you properly insulate the main shut-off valve with foam insulation tape and plastic coverings. This decreases the chances of your valve malfunctioning and allowing water to flow through the system.


Drain Water Supply
Once the main valve is shut off and insulated, it’s time to drain the remaining water inside of your pipes. As mentioned above, remaining water can freeze and can cause thousands of dollars in damages. To remove it, you can manually siphon the water through a drain valve or use compressed air for a faster and more powerful process. Alternatively, consider contacting a professional plumbing business for expert assistance. These services are typically quite affordable and non-disruptive to the surrounding property.


Don’t Forget Your Backflow Prevention Equipment
Your irrigation system is comprised of many different parts and mechanisms, but none are more important than your backflow prevention equipment. As their name suggests, backflow prevention devices help maintain a safe and proper directional flow of liquids inside the pipes. They stop contaminated water from entering public water supplies, which safeguards the well-being of entire communities. When winterizing your irrigation system, ensure you insulate and cover your backflow prevention equipment and look out for any signs of damage or malfunctioning components.

Follow these tips to prep your irrigation system for cold weather properly. You can stock up on essential plumbing products by browsing our quality farm irrigation equipment supply here at Rural Water Direct. Contact our team today for additional information about irrigation maintenance and related products!