Tell-Tale Signs of a Faulty Irrigation System

Heading into the warmer months means doing a thorough check on all systems—whether you’re a farmer or a homeowner. Proper maintenance checks ensure that you discover problems before things get messy. This includes checking our tools, rechecking hoses, and so much more. We’re here to remind you not to forget about your sprinklers and irrigation systems because if things go wrong there, it could cause a huge mess for all involved.

Like we said, whether you’re a farmer with acres on acres of land to water or you’re a homeowner who’s serious about your garden, then you need to double-check these water lines. Unsure what to look for? Take a look at our guide to the tell-tale signs of a faulty irrigation system so you don’t have to deal with the hassle.

Leaking Control Valves

This is one of the top signs of a faulty irrigation system. Any time you notice a drip coming from the control valves or a consistent leak, then that’s a sign that’s something’s going wrong with your system. It doesn’t always mean that the problem is right there, either. Oftentimes, you may find the damaged or loose area in another part of the system.

Once you find the problem spot, make sure to fix it right away. With Rural Water Direct, you can find all the agricultural plumbing supplies you need to get the control valves and your system fixed up and ready to go!

Visual Triggers

Similar to the sign above, there are a lot of visual triggers that will help you recognize a faulty system. Leaky control valves are obviously one of them, but there are a few more to watch out for as well, including:

  • Areas of grass that are much greener than others
  • Dirty, murky water sprayed instead of clean and clear
  • Low water pressure in specific areas
  • Bubbling water out of sprinkler heads rather than a consistent stream

If you notice these, then make sure to do thorough checks for the whole irrigation system so you can catch the problem before it gets any worse.

Uneven Watering

Inconsistent watering is a great way to tell that something funky is going on with your irrigation system. If some areas are sopping wet, but others are as dry as can be, then there may be something wrong with your zone settings, sprinkler heads, or control valves. Again, if you notice this, check the areas, double-check your settings, and schedule an appointment to get everything inspected.

Unreasonably High Water Bill

Sometimes, you may not see any of the signs. Why? Because, in some cases, the faulty irrigation system comes from a bad pressure regulator or a leak in the piping underground. But what you will notice is a spike in your water bill that’s seemingly out of nowhere. If your bill is significantly higher than in the past, then it’s time to investigate.

Remember, it’s better to look into it than ignore it. It’s better to make small fixes before they become big problems. Rural Water Direct is here to help—shop our site now and get long-lasting, durable products.