As a farmer, you probably have a lot on your plate. You have to think about crop production and feeding livestock. For this reason, you might not ponder over your irrigation system very often. This quick read will overview things to know about your farm irrigation system so that you can get back to work.

There Are Four Different Types

There are four different types of irrigation systems: sprinkler, flood, drip, and micro-irrigation. Sprinkler systems are the most popular method among farmers. As the name suggests, you use a sprinkler system to water your crops. There are different types of sprinkler systems out there, so it’s important to buy from a trusted source to get what you need. Flood irrigation occurs when you collect water that’s flowing down a body of water. Drip irrigation means you apply water to the crop’s roots, and micro-irrigation uses smaller-scale sprinklers to wet a specific area.

What Are They Used For?

Now that we’ve covered the different types of irrigation systems, it’s vital to discuss what they do. Essentially, farm irrigation systems supply water to crops during dry seasons. They help prevent crop loss and increase the productivity of a farm. Irrigation systems can also improve the quality of water-sensitive crops.

Equipment and Planning

Another thing to know about your farm irrigation system is that you’ll need high-quality equipment and extensive planning. You may have to use several types of irrigation systems on the same farm. For example, strawberries may benefit from drip irrigation, while other crops need large sprinklers. It’s crucial to consider these things before installing a system. Of course, you must also ensure you get the best equipment possible for your farm. Rural Water Direct has top-quality agricultural plumbing supplies if you need extra help maintaining things.

Farm irrigation systems are complex. There are so many moving parts behind the scenes that it can be challenging to keep track. Yet, things will be easier if you keep these tips in mind. Make sure you choose the best system for you, and feel free to contact us with any questions. The team at Rural Water Direct wants you to be a farming success.