Every beginner farmer must know how to irrigate. After all, irrigation is one of the essential parts of farming. There are different types of irrigation systems that people can use. For example, drip irrigation is perfect for crops that need more centralized watering. Conversely, sprinkler systems exist that water a more expansive area if necessary. You must note that both methods require different tools. Some are electric and costlier, and some you can install by hand. Those in the profession should read about the must-have irrigation supplies for farming to be successful.

The Three Different Types of Irrigation Systems

Before discussing the must-have irrigation supplies for farming, you should examine the three different types of irrigation systems. Each system requires various tools that novice and expert farmers should know.

  • Drip Irrigation: Drip irrigation means that a centralized or small portion of the crops gets watered. People can install these systems themselves, and they can exist aboveground or underground.
  • Sprinkler Irrigation: Sprinkler irrigation is the most common type of irrigation system. Farmers can adapt sprinkler irrigation in various ways. A rotating clip spreads the water throughout the field. Solid set sprinklers are exactly what they sound like—they have PVC pipes placed underground with attached sprinklers that go off when the farmer wants them to.
  • Center Pivot Irrigation: In this type of irrigation, a sprinkler attaches to a moving cart to spread water throughout the land.

Now that we’ve done an overview of the three types of irrigation systems, we can discuss the irrigation supplies needed for farming.

What’s Necessary for Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation is one of the most common forms of irrigation because centralized crops can receive the water they need through it. Yet, there are quite a few tools agriculturists need for this method. For example, drip irrigation pumps control the flow of water. Meanwhile, emitters help distribute it evenly. Filters keep debris from entering the water supply, and fitters connect the different aspects of the irrigation system together. People can select from various size fitters on our website.

Time To Talk About Sprinklers

Sprinkler irrigation systems require many tools. First and foremost, sprinklers are a must. There are different sprinkler systems to choose from. Agriculturists can use micro-sprinklers that can water a smaller area of land. There are larger sprinklers to cover more ground as well. It’s critical to get timing systems that the sprinklers can operate on. It’s much more convenient to set the sprinklers on a timer than having to turn them on and off manually.

Another component vital for sprinkler systems is a sprinkler flow meter. Farmers who decide to automate their sprinklers will benefit tremendously from this technology. A flow meter shows people how much water the sprinklers are emitting so that they can be sure their crops are getting the accurate amount. Soil moisture monitors are another useful item to obtain when using a sprinkler system. These devices determine how hard or soft the soil is so that farmers can ensure the land isn’t getting oversaturated. It’s important to note that sprinkler systems are more expensive than drip irrigation supplies. However, farmers who need to cover larger areas might find that they’re worth the investment.

Center Pivot Irrigation Components

Center pivot irrigation systems are the costliest option. Since a cart is needed to carry the sprinkler throughout the land, more money is also necessary. Additionally, traveling guns operate like sprinklers, spraying water across a large piece of land. Center pivot irrigation uses a special kind of nozzle that rotates in all directions. Furthermore, you must get pipes to help the water flow through the system. There are different types of pipes and different sizes that can accommodate your particular setup.

Everything listed above are big-ticket items needed for irrigation. These tools are an investment, but they can make a substantial impact. You should note that there are less expensive items farmers need to be successful in irrigation. The remainder of this piece will discuss those objects so that agriculturists can have the whole picture.

PVC Pipes

Every type of irrigation system can benefit from PVC piping. For example, farmers can place the pipes underground to attach their irrigation systems to them. Of course, if they decide going underground is the best option, they’ll need hand tools (like a shovel or excavator) to dig. PVC pipes are available in multiple sizes so that they can adapt to any system.

Check and Foot Valves

Many people underestimate the value of check and pump valves. Water pump foot valves ensure that water flows in one direction. If water goes against the natural flow, contaminants are more likely to enter the water supply. Rural Water Direct has an impressive supply of check and foot valves. We understand how important it is to have clean water, which is why we sell these helpful irrigation tools.

Flags and Cutting Tools

Finally, farmers will need marked flags and cutting tools when installing an irrigation system. There’s a strong likelihood that you will need to cut through piping and water so that you can form connections. Moreover, marked flags are essential in order to determine where things are. These flags become especially helpful for underground piping, as they allow farmers to see where they have buried the equipment.

Farming is an intense profession. You must have excellent organizational skills and physical strength. Moreover, you must obtain the supplies needed to be successful. This piece has covered one component of farming where many supplies are essential—irrigation. There are three primary types of irrigation systems, and each requires its own equipment. The sprinkler and center pivot types are the costliest because they require additional electric devices to operate. That said, drip irrigation supplies are plentiful because you can install them by hand. No matter which type of watering system you choose, the need to obtain the right supplies is unavoidable. Luckily, Rural Water Direct is here to help supply the tools that you need. Our equipment is top of the line and will help novice farmers be successful. Shop our collection of valves, fittings, and nozzles today.

Must-Have Irrigation Supplies for Farming