Summer boasts the hottest weather of the year, which means this is the time when you will get the most use out of your irrigation system. That's why it's essential to prepare your system for the harsh demands of the season. A thorough inspection of your system will help you identify any potential issues before they turn into massive problems. We've prepared a guide for you to follow to get your AG irrigation system ready to take on the heat!

If you follow these crucial steps, your irrigation system will stay in great shape for the summer. Here's how to get your AG irrigation system ready for summer.

Run a Test Cycle for Your Sprinkler Heads

If you haven't used your irrigation system during the winter or spring, it's time to test the heads. During the colder months, some sprinkler heads become clogged with debris. Corrosion and weathering also present issues with sprinklers, and you’ll want to fix them ASAP. To determine if you have any problems with your system, run a cycle test.

Most irrigation systems have a test feature that enables you to run each head individually. During this time, walk around the entire property to ensure that each sprinkler head is working correctly.

Check for Leaks

You don't want your irrigation system to have any leaks. Even a simple leak can cause devastation to the health of your lawn or farm, not to mention it’ll make your grass look bad. Here are a few warning signs that your system may have sprung a leak:

  • Broken or exposed pipes upon inspection
  • Strange sounds when you turn on the system
  • Uneven water flow from your sprinkler heads
  • Soggy spots in the grass
  • A spike in your water bill

These are all signs that you may have a leak in your system. To be safe, call someone to perform maintenance on your irrigation system.

Backflow Testing

The final step is one of the most crucial. For the best results, the ideal time to get your annual backflow inspection is before summer officially begins. The process involves an inspector checking your backflow prevention devices. They will attach test kits to make sure there aren't any drastic changes in pressure. These changes can cause backflow preventers to malfunction and let water flow backward. That can lead to the contamination of your water supply with toxins and bacteria. A thorough backflow inspection will ensure that your irrigation system is ready to meet the demands of the summer.

So that's how to get your AG irrigation system ready for summer. At Rural Water Direct, we've got the farm irrigation equipment supplies you'll need to prepare for summer. We're affordable, we feature one-year warranties, and our customer service is outstanding!