Proper irrigation is a necessity when it comes to managing and growing produce and other plants successfully. However, some gardeners might be unaware of how the flow of water affects agriculture. To ensure you have better yields, healthier plants, and more growth, read on to learn about the importance of correct water flow.

Water’s Role in Agriculture

The basics of irrigation may seem simple—fruits, vegetables, and flowers all require water to remain healthy and grow stronger. In regards to agriculture, proper watering practices are paramount to the industry’s success. However, water plays multiple roles in irrigation, not just as plant sustenance.

For instance, water is also used as a natural pesticide. Additionally, farmers and gardeners use water for crop cooling, fertilization, and frost control. By realizing the significance of water in agriculture, you can better understand the importance of proper water flow.

Water Flow’s Role in Agriculture

First and foremost, the direction of water flow isn’t a top priority for irrigation and agriculture—modern irrigation systems deliver water in your preferred direction, ensuring crops receive the proper amount of nutrients.

Think of water flow as the moving water value in irrigation pipes over a specific time period. The flow of water is important since it dictates how efficiently water moves through your pipes. Most industrial irrigation systems have a flow rate that never exceeds five feet per second, with residential irrigation systems boasting a slower rate.

Controlling Water Flow

How exactly do you control the flow rate in your irrigation system? Unfortunately, you can’t increase the flow speed without adding pressure to the pipes. Pumps and related equipment boost an irrigation system’s water force per one square inch (of surface area).

At this point, it is possible to control the water flow rate in your pipes. Valves help maintain the desired flow rate and allow you to stop the flow of water.

Understanding how water flow affects agriculture is essential for ensuring the success and health of your crops. If you require goods and parts to better manage flow rates in your pipes, come to us at Rural Water Direct. We have Irrigation check valve items and related products for all of your agricultural needs.