The modern farming industry relies on its sizable irrigation setups to ensure that every crop is perfectly watered. However, as reliable as most agricultural irrigation systems are, even they can experience a mechanical error or two. When they do, it’s crucial that you’re ready to repair the issue before your fields suffer. These are some common farm irrigation system problems and solutions for you to keep in mind.

Leaky Sprinkler Heads

When you run your irrigation sprinklers day-in and day-out, they’re bound to develop a few leaks. These issues occur when your sprinkler heads sustain wear and tear, making it more difficult for them to cut off the flow of water. Over time, this can cause your farm to waste water and even overwater the crops in the afflicted areas. So, it’s important that you inspect these components regularly for damage and replace them as necessary.

Pressure Loss

It’s also common for irrigation systems to go through drastic losses of water pressure. Without enough pressure to push the water out of the sprinkler heads, it’s harder to evenly disperse the flow among your fields. This can lead to overwatering some plants and underwatering others. To solve these problems, inspect your pumping system and monitor its registered pressure. Low-pressure irrigations only require a psi of 30, while high-pressure setups should read closer to 60 psi.

Piping Blockages

Another type of common farm irrigation system problem to look out for is piping blockages. As hard as many of us try to avoid it, we always seem to end up with a clog in our irrigation pipes. This can be from mineral buildup over time or the result of infiltrating tree roots. Either way, these blockages can reduce your system’s pressure and hinder its performance. Identify where the clog is and use a hydraulic jet or drain snake to remove it from the line.

Backflow or Contamination

Water backflow through your sprinkler head can be an issue as well. Not only does this increase the risk of contaminating your clean water supply, but it also makes these components more susceptible to deterioration. Fortunately, replacing your check valves can instantly fix this by stopping unused water from flowing back through the pipeline.

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