Whether it’s a sprinkler system, a drip irrigation system, or a traveling mechanism, farmers must have some irrigation structure in place. It’s important to note that these systems are comprised of multiple components. One vital part of an irrigation assembly is a foot valve. Read this beginner’s guide to installing an irrigation foot valve to ensure you do things correctly.

Prior to Digging

You must consider a few things before installing an irrigation system and foot valve. Check the city’s codes to ensure you don’t dig into a forbidden zone. Then, call local utility companies so they can mark where cables and gas lines are. Place flags in the ground indicating where you’ll put the system. Consider using a trench to dig, so the process goes quicker. Then, turn off your water supply and use a compression tee to connect to the main water line. Finally, use fittings to install a shutoff valve that turns the water on and off when needed.

So, What About Foot Valves?

Foot valves are arguably the most critical parts of irrigation systems. These tools ensure that water flows in one direction. If water goes backward, contaminants will get into the water supply. Since these valves are so vital, you must know how to install them. Using glue, connect a fitting to the valve and connect the fitting to the pipe. Make sure to glue the inside of the fitting and the outside of the pipe. Continue this process until you get the length you want. Consider putting a cap at the end of the pipe, so it’s easier to add things if needed. Finally, make sure the water supply is facing the inlet side.

What’s the Rural Water Direct Difference?

Rural Water Direct’s irrigation pump foot valves are the best in the business. These foot valves are durable yet lightweight. In addition, you can install them at any angle with any NPT connector. Furthermore, you can take the valve apart easily to clean or replace it. We have several options on our website for you to choose from.

Hopefully, this beginner’s guide to installing an irrigation foot valve has provided some guidance to get through the process. Developing an irrigation system is no easy feat. Make sure you have the right equipment to perform the job. Start your journey with Rural Water Direct. Our foot valves are top-notch and make the installation process simpler.