Essential Parts of an Agricultural Irrigation System

Irrigation systems help keep farms in good shape. Without them, crops would die quicker, and livestock would be in jeopardy. That’s why every novice farmer should know the essential parts of an agricultural irrigation system. The more prepared you are, the better off your farm will be.

Water Source

Every irrigation system needs a strong water source. The following bodies constitute legitimate water sources:

  • A well
  • An irrigation ditch
  • An irrigation pond
  • A river

You have to ensure that the water source is large enough to sustain the type of system you want. In addition, you should treat the water source so it’s free of contaminants. Spraying contaminants on the crops will cause them to die prematurely.

Valves and Gauges

Valves and gauges are also essential parts of an agricultural irrigation system. Valves and gauges help systems made to water multiple areas from a single source. They ensure that water flows in one direction. In particular, gauges check the amount of water that flows through a pipe.

Backflow Preventer

A backflow preventer is a critical component of an agricultural irrigation system. Unfortunately, many people don’t know what a backflow preventer is. However, every farmer should familiarize themselves with one so they can keep their land in good shape. When you turn on an irrigation system, water pours out from all directions. But the water shouldn’t flow backward through the pipes because it can lead to a risk of contamination. Backflow preventers stop the water from flowing in the wrong direction so that you aren’t watering your crops with contaminated water.

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