APEX Top Entry Float Valve Kit

  • Includes Arm and Plastic Float Only
  • Built for Durability and Long Life
  • Transforms Any Xtraflo Float Valve into a Backflow Preventer



This top entry xtraflo valve kit will transform any armless xtraflo float valve into a backflow preventing valve. Backflow-preventing valves stop harsh contaminants from making their way into the water supply. Float valves accomplish this by maintaining water levels in both the cold and hot tanks. This float valve kit comes with a float and is fully adjustable to suit all applications, including in domestic residences.


Product Specifications

APEX XF Series Specifications Sheet

Working Pressure: 4 – 175 psi (30 – 1200 kPa)
Maximum Water Temperature: 140°F (60°C)
Minimum Water Temperature: 34°F (1°C)

NOTE: Top entry may require protection from stock.


Material: Acetyl


Watts Brochure

Watts Products


Diaphragm Trough Valves

Armless Trough Valves

Troughs that require backflow prevention should use the top mount valve. Whereas troughs with potential for freezing should use the bottom mount valve. 

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APEX Top Entry Float Valve Kit