APEX 3/4" Black Plastic Diaphragm Activated Top Entry Trough Valve with Float

3/4 IN Black Plastic Diaphragm Activated Top Entry Trough Valve with Float
This 3/4 inch top entry float valve is designed to prevent backflow. It utilizes a unique way of operation where the pin moves out of the tip of the jet center, pushing any accumulated debris which reduces the valve from blocking. The valve operates at full flow when in the open position reducing wear and tear on the pump while also saving electricity. The valve uses a diaphragm that shuts off the supply of water slowly avoiding any chance of creating water hammer.


  • Valve is serviceable
  • Valve is made from glassed filled nylon
  • Valve runs at full flow until shut off
  • Diaphgram design
Inlet Pressure-PSI4
Buy American Act CompliantNO
Maximum Temperature-Fahrenheit140
Part Number88005627
Body MaterialAcetyl
Inlet 1 Connection Size3/4 IN
Stem Length5 IN
Flow Specifications9999
Maximum Pressure-PSI175
Lead FreeYES

Apex float valves


Troughs that require backflow prevention should use the top mount valve. Whereas trough with potential for freezing should use the bottom mount valve. 

About APEX Valves

APEX tank and trough valves are designed for use in agricultural, irrigation, and rainwater harvesting applications. These farm-tough valves are designed to maximize flow and fill rates and control water levels. Reliably control water flow in your tanks, reservoirs, or troughs with APEX valves.

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