APEX 4" Black Round Float

  • UV Stabilized
  • Made from Non-corrosive Materials
  • Standard Thread Design
  • Easy to Adjust and Maintain

This 4 inch round black float is made from non-corrosive materials and is UV stabilized. Round floats operate at surface level and help raise the valve arm to shut off the water supply when needed. When the water level goes down, the black float falls, opening the valve. When the trough or water resivour are full, this float rises, hitting the valve arm and shutting off the water supply. The threaded insert is durable and molded to the black float. The maximum allowable temperature the round float can be exposed to is 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

These non-electrolytic and highly corrosion resistant floats are ideal for use with salts and caustic fluids. Composed of injection-molded polyethylene, they are resistant to sunlight and deterioration.


Product Applications

ANKA Float Valves are designed for agricultural, commercial, and industrial applications for controlling high capacity water flow. Ideal for use in irrigation, air conditioning, and refrigeration irrigation systems, these can be tank or wall mounted. 


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APEX 4" Black Round Float