APEX 1" Black Plastic Duel Level Long Tail Tank Valve

  • Made from Durable Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon
  • Diaphgram Design
  • Saves Electricity & Increases Pump Life
  • Long Tail for Extra Large Tanks
  • Runs at Full Flow Until Shut Off
  • Single or Variable Level Weighted Floats Maintain Water Level

This 1-inch long tail black tank valve has a very large flow rate. The tank valve utilizes a differential dual weight system that reduces pump wear and saves electricity. The tank valve is diaphragm activated and has a steel pin that runs inside the pilot center which acts as a self-cleaning mechanism which is unique to Apex valves. Tank valves can be installed at the bottom of a tank or on the side of a tank wall for easier accessibility. You can also use our pipe fittings for extra security. This tank valve is suited for medium-pressure situations.

Tank valves ensure that the water level stays where you want it. The valve will be closed when both weights are submerged (maximum water level). When the bottom weight is exposed (minimum water level), the valve will open and remain open until the maximum level is reached.


Product Specifications

Working Pressure: 2 psi – 175 psi (15 kPa – 1200 kPa)
Flow Rates:
390 gpm, 175 psi at 1200 kPa. Fills a 30,000 litre tank in 30 min (600 kPa inlet pressure)
Temperature Range:
34°F – 140°F (1°C – 60°C)

APEX BA Series Specification Sheet


Product Applications

Pump or Mains/Gravity fed large reservoirs or storage tanks – This tank valve allows for a single level or variable minimum and maximum levels within your reservoir or tank.

Rain Harvesting – Use this tank valve as your backup water supply control valve, providing a backup supply of water in the event of demand exceeding rainfall.


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