APEX 1-1/4" Black Plastic Piston Operated Tank Valve

  • Valve is serviceable
  • Valve is made from glassed filled nylon
  • Valve can be fitted in a submerged application to avoid damage from livestock
  • Portsmouth design

This 1 1/4 inch reservoir piston-operated tank valve is fully serviceable. The tank valve has a high flow rate, is made from non-corrosive materials and is UV stabilized. This valve is suited for large storage tanks and reservoirs where instant water level replacement is required. It’s important to understand the different types of tank valves before purchasing, so customers get what they need. Plastic tank valves are incredibly durable and can withstand high-pressure situations.


Product Specification Sheet

APEX Reservoir Valve


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Product Applications

APEX valves are designed for use in agricultural, irrigation, and rainwater harvesting applications. These farm-tough valves are designed to maximize flow and fill rates and control water levels within a tank or trough.


About ANKA Trough Valves

Reliably control water flow in your tanks, reservoirs, or troughs, with ANKA Valves. They are durable and built to last, even in high-demand troughs. 

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APEX 1-1/4" Black Plastic Piston Operated Tank Valve