ANKA Large Hose Nozzle Repair Kit

  • Designed for small hose nozzles
  • Fits 32 mm and 40 mm sizes
  • Includes front screws, front cover, cover cap, and O-rings
  • Easy to use

Is your large hose nozzle taking a beating? Easily repair it in minutes with all the serviceable components you’ll need for the large 32 mm and 40 mm hose nozzles.

Kit contains front screws, a front cover, a cover cap, and O-rings.


Being a mechanical device, the ANKA hose nozzle may need to be serviced over a period of time. The o-rings may wear and silicone grease may need to be reapplied.


By simply removing the top cap and unscrewing the stainless steel bolt, the ANKA hose nozzle comes apart for cleaning or servicing quickly and easily. Detailed instructions can be found on each service kit.

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ANKA Large Hose Nozzle Repair Kit