ANKA 3/4" Tee

  • Designed for use with all ID (inside diameter) rated pipe
  • Connection can be made by hand, without tools
  • Made from extremely durable, high quality
    potable materials
  • Non corrosive and reusable

This 3/4-inch tee is manufactured from high grade fiberglass reinforced nylon. It is non corrosive; using high quality materials approved for use with drinkable water. This ANKA 3/4-inch tee is designed to connect a range of polyethylene pipe, tube and hose of varying sizes and wall thicknesses. Connections of this ¾" tee can be made by hand, without tools. It is re-usable and utilizes a unique way to connect pipes without the need for multiple replacement parts.

The unique blue captive nut seals stays on the ridge and seals the pipe on the ridge. This 3/4-inch tee is used for the most rigorous agricultural and horticultural uses. Maximum pressure is 230 psi and maximum temperature is 140 degrees F.


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ANKA 3/4" Tee