ANKA 3/4" Female NPT Thread Straight Union

  • Perfect for Pipework Installations Around Pumps & Tanks
  • Made from Glass Reinforced Nylon
  • Will Handle 230 psi Pressure
  • Non Corrosive

This 3/4-inch x 3/4-inch straight pipe union with male NPT thread is manufactured from high grade glass fiber reinforced nylon. It is non corrosive, using high quality materials approved for use with drinkable water. It’s designed to connect a range of ID nominally sized polyethylene pipe, tube, and hose with varying wall thicknesses. Thread union connection can be made by hand, without tools. It is re-usable and utilizes a unique way to connect pipe without the need for multiple replacement parts.

Thread unions allow you to service a part without having to break the pipe. You just screw off the top of the thread union, take out the part, and reconnect it once it’s serviced. In a female union, the threads are on the inside; the reverse is true for male unions. The unique blue captive nut seals stay on the ridge and seals the pipe on the ridge. Barb inlet and outlet connection type, fits 3/4 inch nominally sized polyethylene pipe, tube and hose. These thread unions are used for the most rigorous agricultural and horticultural uses. 


Product Specifications

ANKA® A Series Pipe Fittings Spec Sheet

Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon

Maximum Working Pressure: 230 psi – 1600 kpa (16 bar) @ 20°c

Temperature Range: 34°F - 140°F (1°C - 60°C)


Product Applications

ANKA pipe fittings give you an easy to use, leak free connection for rural, municipal, pump and pressure, irrigation, agricultural, hydroponic, industrial, lanscaping and marine applications. They can be used on poly pipe, clear or braided hose, garden or a wash down hose. 


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ANKA 3/4" Female NPT Thread Straight Union