ANKA 3/4" Inline Hose Nozzle

  • Flow rates vary up to 6 gpm
  • Adjustable spray pattern
  • Withstands temperatures up to 180°F
  • Built with nitrile rubber seals and O-rings for a leak-free connection
  • Maximum working pressure 100 psi with minimum operating pressure of 15 psi

Easily wash away solid waste with inline hose nozzles that pack a powerful blast. This durable ¾” inline hose nozzle is made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon so it’s strong enough to withstand heavy-duty use, and won’t break when you drop it. Perfect for all ¾ inch hose applications around the farm, house, or boat, and you can take it apart for easy servicing. This Inline hose nozzle can withstand temperatures up to 180°F, for those who like it hot.

Including a ¾” garden hose connection, 302 stainless steel nut and bolt, and nitrile rubber O-ring to protect against high impact.


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ANKA 3/4" Inline Hose Nozzle