ANKA 3/4" Check Valve

Check valves are one of the most essential agricultural tools out there. High-pressure check valves stop water from flowing backward, potentially causing contamination in the water supply. What’s more, our Anka check valves have many applications, and industry leaders are amazed by their ease of use. Our check valves are unique because they’re durable and can operate from any angle.

  • Spring Loaded
  • Fittings are reusable
  • Will handle 230 psi pressure
  • Non corrosive

A spring-loaded non-return check valve that you can install vertically OR horizontally. Use this ¾ inch female check valve to prevent backflow of fluids while maintaining prime in the line. Operate this versatile valve at any installation angle and with any NPT connection. This check valve only allows the fluid to flow in one direction and is ideal for pumping, marine, irrigation, domestic, agricultural, and industrial applications.

This strong, lightweight valve consists of a high-grade fiberglass-reinforced nylon body, female NPT threads, 316 stainless steel spring, acetyl plunger, and nitrile rubber seal and O-ring. It can be taken apart for easy cleaning and servicing. 

Used for multiple applications including agriculture, rural water, pump and pressure, irrigation, landscaping, plumbing, horticulture, farm, marine, hydroponics, and more


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Body: Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon

Spring: 316 Stainless Steel

Plunger: Acetyl

Seat: Nitrile Rubber

O Ring: Nitrile Rubber

Threads: NPT Thread


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ANKA 3/4" Check Valve