Repair Kit for ANKA 3/4" Trigger Spray Gun Hot

  • For ANKA Trigger Spray Gun for HOT Water
  • Fits 3/4" Size Spray Gun
  • Includes threaded rod, sealing Viton (R) washer, back thimble and back nut
  • Easy to Service

This kit includes all serviceable components for the trigger spray gun that are prone to wear and tear. This spray gun kit contains a threaded rod, sealing Viton (R) washer, back thimble, and back nut. Spray guns have various applications, such as household gardening or more intense farming activities. We also sell spray gun seals if your spray gun has seen more wear and tear than you’d like.


Anka Hose Nozzle Trigger Guns can be used in a wide variety of applications, from industrial equipment washdowns to home gardening. The ANKA Hose Nozzle Trigger Gun was designed by farmers to keep up with the demands of daily on-farm use. There's nothing worse than when a hose nozzle breaks on you mid-washdown. ANKA Hose Nozzles are perfect for washing down your livestock, dairy parlor, truck or tractor, and they're great for other agriculture applications too. 


Product Details for Anka Hose Nozzles

Specification Sheet - ANKA AHN Series


A Faster, Easier Day on the Farm

Find only the most durable nozzles, valves, and repair kits at Rural Water Direct, your online resource for trusted nozzles and valves made by farmers for farmers. Say goodbye to flimsy hose nozzles and clogged float valves, and hello to higher productivity!


More from ANKA 

ANKA Product Line - Rural Water Direct


ANKA products were designed by farmers for farmers. They are ideal for on-farm applications like dairy parlor wash-downs, truck and plant equipment wash, farm irrigation, horticulture, hydroponic, and more. They are also top-notch products for your lawn and garden, boat, industrial and commercial washdowns, and food and liquid production. 


ANKA Hose Nozzle Sizes

ANKA Hose Nozzles and Trigger Guns come in various sizes. The large 1 1/2" and 1 1/4" Hose Nozzles are great for powerful washdowns in agricultural settings. The small 1 1/4" and 3/4" Nozzles and Trigger Guns can also be used on the farm and they're great for at-home use too. 


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Repair Kit for ANKA 3/4" Trigger Spray Gun Hot