ANKA 1" Foot Valve

  • Non corrosive
  • Maximum temperature 140°F
  • Will handle up to 230 psi pressure at 68°F
  • Spring-loaded plunger-style valve for full, unrestricted flow

A spring-loaded foot valve that you can install vertically OR horizontally. Use this 1-inch female foot valve at the suction end of the pump to prevent losing water. Operate this versatile valve at any installation angle and with any NPT connection.

This durable, lightweight valve is made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon, making it strong enough to install in lakes, rivers, and ponds. And you can easily take the valve apart for cleaning and servicing.

Including female NPT threads, 316 stainless steel spring, acetyl plunger, nitrile rubber seal and O-ring for added durability, and a removable filter screen.


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foot valve dimensions



Body: Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon

Spring: 316 Stainless Steel

Plunger: Acetyl

Seat: Nitrile Rubber

O Ring: Nitrile Rubber

Filter Cage: Polypropylene

Threads: NPT Thread


foot valve flow

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ANKA 1" Foot Valve